Berwang in summer

... where nature is still natural

Berwang is situated at 1,336 metres above sea level and is therefore the highest location in the "Tiroler Zugspitz Arena". This picturesque mountain village is located on a sunny plateau nestling in a gently sloping high valley with an unforgettable panoramic view of the "Zugspitze", the highest mountain in Germany. Berwang's location at such a high altitude makes it a popular climatic health resort. It also has the richest variety of alpine flora in the Eastern Alps with more than 1,200 species of flowers.

  • well-kept walking ways
  • activity programme in the Adventure Wonderland - suitable for children
  • Nordic Walking or back-fit programme
  • wood-land children's playground "Bärenland"
  • mountain bike rental and guided tours
  • facility for treatments according to Kneipp
  • wellness-path
  • path in Mitteregg to experience nature
  • excursion train journeys with the "Stadl-Bräu-Express"
  • expert's survey through the brewery
  • lift ride with the "Sonnalmbahn" and "Almkopfbahn"
  • cosy restaurants, cafés, alpine huts and bars
  • dancing, traditional local concerts ("Platzkonzerte"), summer celebrations
  • high ropes course
  • museum of local history

No motorway sticker necessary to get to Berwang!
No toll gate on the way to Berwang via Pfronten/Füssen or Garmisch!

Impressions of the "Zugspitz Arena"

Family & Children

Enjoy your holiday and your precious time with family in our house! We provide many different games and DVDs for kids, offer equipment for hockey, basketball, table tennis and badminton for free, and we invite you to make use of it around our house, where you can find enough space.

As we care especially for the satisfaction of our little guests, we are organising climbing activities and trips to our tree house. Furthermore, we offer bikes so that the children can explore the environment on their own. Once a week, your children (older than 3 years) can participate the free kids-adventure-programme from 10am to 4pm including lunch and snack, organised by "Hotel Kaiserhof", which is located directly in our neighbourhood.

The whole family may enjoy alpine breakfast at the traditional "Kögelehütte" or spend time in the Sports Centre of Berwang, the "Bärenarena", where you have free admission to the centre including wood-land swimming pool (about 28 degrees). The "Bärenarena" is easily accessible by foot - it's just a 10 minutes' walk from our house.

Moreover, there is the possibility to make use of the mountain-scooter rental, to ride a motor boat or make a trip with the excursion train between Berwang and Mitteregg, or to explore nature on a special path to Mitteregg.

In the neighbouring municipality Bichlbach (just 4 km away), the whole family can have fun in the petting zoo or the bathing pond with rafting site and the panoramic high ropes course.

We would be happy to help you plan your walking trips and excursions.


Our house is the perfect starting point to go on a hike on one of the various well-kept hiking trails in the "Berwangertal". There is a great range from easy promenades to challenging mountain hikes. We would love to help you plan your trip, give advice and provide a free map of walks to make your day(s) unforgettable!

Our professional hiking guide, Gerd Amann, from the official hiking school "Bergerlebnis Zugspitze", aims to make your holiday unique in providing you fascinating moments on the way to the top of our mountains. Feel what it means to live nature, to be free and to explore untouched places of the breathtaking mountain world!

  • free guided mountain hike of average difficulty on Tuesday, June 12/19/26 and September 4/11
  • from July 10 to August 31, 2012 we offer guided hiking tours in the course of the "Berwang-Aktiv-Pauschale" (€ 15,-- per person/per trip)
  • Hiking-week in summer from July 23 to 27, 2012 - € 99,-- per week/per person
  • Hiking-week in autumn from September 10 to 14, 2012 - € 99,-- per week/per person

"Hubertus-days" from September 24 to 28, 2012

Experience a special natural spectacle together with our hiking expert Gert Amann: be part of the rutting season, which lasts only for few days once a year! Watch and witness the deers and their rutting calls in the middle of the woods of Berwang and enjoy an unforgettable evening in nature.

Duration: about 3 hours; Guided tour per person € 19,--


Hikers probably are unable to find a region more beautiful than Tyrol, "Land in the mountains". They feel very tempted because of settled high-pressure weather with breathtakingly clear view and fascinating natural spectacles.

For more information and enrolment visit:

Suggested hiking trails:

  • "Hochbichlrundweg" (circular path; duration of walk ~ 1/2h)
    beautiful flower meadow in spring
  • "Brentrundweg" (circular path; duration of walk ~ 3/4h)
    wonderful view of Berwang
  • "Gröbental-Rundweg" (circular path; duration of walk ~ 1 1/2h)
  • "Kögele-Hütte" (walking track; duration of walk ~ 1h)
    traditional lodge with beautiful view and fascinating flower meadow

Also: "Stausee Rundwanderweg" (circular path), "Heiterwanger Hochalm" (walking track), "Höhenweg" (walking track), "Almkopf" (peak of a mountain), "Hönig" (peak of a mountain), "Thaneller" (peak of a mountain), "Reuttener-Höhenweg" (walking track), "Namloser Wetterspitze" (peak of a mountain), "Loreakopf" (peak of a mountain), "Schlierewand" (peak of a mountain), "Zugspitze" (peak of a mountain) and many more! Furthermore, we would be happy to organise hikes at sunrise for you, as they are a very special experience.

"Z-Ticket" - your ticket for 7 active days of holiday fun!


Why spend time with planning all the excursion destinations on one's own and why pay for every single ticket if there is one smart card that unifies everything? The "Z-Ticket" includes all the offers that make your holiday in the "Zugspitz Arena" unforgettable. It is valid for 7 days and with the ticket in your hand you are holdig the cheapest solution to explore the region from its most beautiful side.

In the period from May 17 to July 8, 2012 and from September 1 to October 21, 2012 the "Z-Ticket" is available at a significantly reduced special price.

The following services are included in the "Z-Ticket":

  • 1 time up and down with the "Tiroler Zugspitzbahn Ehrwald"
  • 1 time a day up and down with the "Ehrwalder Almbahn"
  • 1 time a day up and down with the "Grubigsteinbahnen Lermoos" (each lift)
  • 1 time a day usage of "Marienbergbahn Biberwier" and "Sommerrodelbahn Biberwier" (summer toboggan run)
  • 1 time "High end Rent Biberwier" - rental of funsport equipment
  • 1 time a day (open on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun) up and down with the "Berwanger Sonnalmbahn"
  • 1 time a day (open on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun) up and down with the "Almkopfbahn Bichlbach"
  • free use of the "Postbus" (bus) on the lines of "Biberwier-Ehrwald-Lermoos-Bichlbach-Heiterwanger See-Berwanger Tal"
  • free use of the "Rundbus" (bus) of the "Tiroler Zugspitz Arena"
  • 1 time navigation on the "Heiterwanger- and Plansee"
  • daily entry to the "Familien-Hallenbad Ehrwald" (indoor swimming pool)
  • daily entry to the "Panorama-Freibad Lermoos" (outdoor swimming pool)
  • daily entry to the "Waldschwimmbad Bärenbad in Berwang" (wood-land swimming pool)
  • daily entry to the "Badesee Bichlbach" (bathing pond)
  • and many more...


"Z-Ticket" folder for download: Z_TICKET_2012_D.pdf


Bike-adventure on a top level!

Enjoy the fascinating mountain landscape of the "Zugspitz Arena", which will provide more motivation than any trainer. No matter if you are a mountain biker searching for the personal limits, a road cyclists exploring hidden side streets or a hobby cyclist who likes to pedal without stress - you will find your personal route!

From about 1,000 metres upwards, pedal pushers will find more than one hundred signposted bike trails. These trails offer a great diversity of experiences: easy hobby routes in the valley, trails next to the water around the "Heiterwanger See", the "Plansee" and the "Fernsteinsee", demanding mountain bike trails at altitudes way above the treeline.

The great offer for bikers is completed with various bike-rental and maintenance stations, a "Radsport-Zentrum" (bike sports centre) where you have the opportunity to ask for a personal training schedule and finally you can use the different transportation possibilities for bikes, like our lifts or the train (from Ehrwald to Heiterwang or farther to Reutte or Garmisch-Partenkirchen).

You can rent a mountain bike or use one of our free bicycles and explore the different well-kept routes in the beautiful "Zugspitz Arena", which has been awarded as the best mountain bike region of Austria two times already!

The most popular bike tours in Berwang are among others the route to the "Jägerhaus" and to the "Heiterwanger Hochalm", the route to the "Kögelehütte", to the alpine village "Fallerschein" or the circular courses "Thaneller Rundweg" and "Daniel Rundweg". We would love to help you plan your trip and we do not hesitate to pick you up by car after a challenging tour!

Follow the link to find further information and suggestions for bike routes:

"Bärenarena" - the sports centre in Berwang

The sports centre "Bärenarena" is famous for its unique location: in the middle of the woods. There, you are offered recreation and fun for the whole family at the same time! Enjoy the heated (about 28 degrees) wood-land swimming pool, the quiet sunbathing area and have fun at the playground, the minigolf course, the tennis court, the beach volleyball court or the football ground.

Als a guest of our house with "Bärenbadpauschale" you can profit from free entry to the sports centre "Bärenarena", which also includes free use of the tennis court!

Follow the link for further information: www.bärenarena-berwang

"Kletterwald Bichlbach" - high ropes course for young and old!

The new high ropes course in Bichlbach offers 5 exciting and challenging courses with more than 60 adventurous climbing elements. There are courses for beginners, which are perfectly suitable for the needs of families with young children (from 6 years onwards), but there are adventure courses as well.

Accept the challenge!

Follow the link for further information:

"Burgenwelt Ehrenberg" - the fortress ensemble that fascinates the whole family!

In the east of Reutte, not far from Berwang, the fortress ensemble "Ehrenberg" appears as a towering defense. It demonstrates its former reign during two thousand years of history. Kings and emperors, crusaders and merchants, they all passed through here.

The fortress ensemble "Ehrenberg" is made up of several parts: the "Schaufestung Schlosskopf" which is located high above the "Außerfern" and impresses with long, winding, strong walls which were once the bulwark against military attacks. In the Middle Ages, the "Ehrenberger Klause" was strongly fought after because of the very important main north-south commerce route, which passed straight through it. The mighty walls let us guess that one could often hear canonball fire or war clamour on "Ehrenberg". In former times, many lords and noblemen lived within these walls and have come and gone, yet one thing is unchanged, namely the imposing landscape around "Ehrenberg", which still fascinates visitors from far and near.

Today, "Ehrenberg" is an indoor and outdoor event arena with a historical background. Enter the fortress ensemble and be fascinated by this experience of nature and history. Visit the medieval museum "Dem Ritter auf der Spur" and try out wearing a knight's armour and hold a medieval weapon in your own hands.

Do not miss Europe's biggest knights' festival, the "Ritterspiele", which takes place every year in July. The event „Ehrenberg – Die Zeitreise“ invites its visitors to think back to the time of the knights. The spectacle lasts for three days and is definitely worth visiting!

Follow the link for further information:

"Königsschlösser" - fairy-tale castles

The fairy-tale castles of King Ludwig II are very famous and definitely worth a visit! They are easily accessible from our house.

The construction of "Schloss Neuschwanstein" was begun by the Bavarian King Ludwig II in the year 1869 and never completed. He saw his castle as a monument to medieval culture and kingship, which he built and furnished in medieval styles but equipped with what at the time was the latest technology. Nowadays, we regard it to be the most famous work of historicism and the embodiment of German idealism.

By car, only half an hour's drive away from Berwang!

Follow the link for further information:

Also worth seeing:

"Swarovski Kristallwelten" - moments of wonder

The "Swarovski Kristallwelten" in Wattens are a unique cosmos of wonder, in which the magic of crystal is staged in a gigantic variety of imaginative ways. André Heller, Austrian multimedia artist, came up with the idea of the nowadays very famous "crystal worlds", which consist of 14 "chambers of wonder" created by world-renowned artists and designers such as Alexander McQueen, Tord Boontje and Brian Eno, who have lived up to their name ever since: in the fairytale winter landscape made up of thousands of crystals, in the world's largest kaleidoscope, in the mysterious ice street, in which the visitor becomes an explorer, or in the famous "Crystal Dome", by André Heller, Brian Eno, and Susanne Schmöger, where visitors will be absolutely open-mouthed with amazement - and not only the young ones.

"Schwazer Silberbergwerk"

The "mother of all mines" offers an exciting journey back to Europe's history! It is true to call the "Schwazer Silberbergwerk" the biggest silver mine of the Middle Ages. You can visit the mine daily, as it is open for visitors until November 16.
At first, a half mile ride with a typical mine train will transport the guests to the heart of the mine, where the unique underground experience starts. Follow the traces of miners who searched for silver and copper and immerse in a time when earth was still a disc...

Get to know fascinating details about the lifestyle of earlier times and learn a lot about the history of Europe, especially about its social and financial development.

If it is very hot outside in summer, a visit at the "Schwazer Silberbergwerk"  is the ideal cooling-down. The galleries have a constant temperature of 12°C (53.6 °F). This makes the mine the perfect location for your day trip, even if the weather is bad - the mountain will keep you dry!

Follow the link for further information:

Wellness in "Singer's SPA"

For the guests of our house we have organised that they have the possibility to use "Singer's SPA" -"wellness with generosity and elegance". The beautiful fragrances of the world are wonderfully and harmoniously combined with the colours, elegant details and the desire to pamper body and soul. On three storeys spread over 1,800 m2 you can enjoy all the treats for discerning wellness fans. The competent team of "Singer's SPA" places great emphasis on being on hand to offer you individual, professional advice at all times and to help you relax with soothing treatments from the "Singer's SPA" programme. 

In the year 2011, again, "Singer's SPA" was awarded with "2 lilys" by the renowned wellness-guide "Relax Guide".

Included offers:

  • bath robe, towels & bathing shoes
  • usage of indoor- and outdoor pools (heated year-round, about 30°)
  • usage of sauna landscape and relaxation areas
  • usage of fitness room
  • participation in activities of the daily programme

Opening hours: daily from 9am to 7pm

Calendar of events

June 23, 2012 Mountains on Fire-
"Bergfeuer" in the environment of Ehrwald
July 16 - 20, 2012 painting and creativity week in Berwang
every Wednesday from June 20 to September 26, 2012 at 8:30pm "Platzkonzert" (traditional concert) at the "Dorfplatz" (centre) in Berwang
every Monday from September 7 to August 27, 2012 at 10:00am guided tour through the village - the history of Berwang
every Sunday from July 29 to October 21, 2012 sunrise-ride with the "Tiroler Zugspitzbahn" in Ehrwald


  • "Z-Ticket" - package deal
  • "Hubertus" - days
  • "Berwang - Aktiv" - package deal

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